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Medical Terms of Service

Ortega Wellness takes pride in the comprehensive care we give to each patient. We are certified Family Nurse Practitioners that individualize care based upon symptoms and diagnostic findings. As FNPs we are trained to think outside the box to help our patients achieve the best quality of life. We follow all evidence-based practice guidelines, along with preventative care guidelines. Our methods may be unconventional; however, we guarantee you, your health is in our best interest.

Permission to Treat

You give permission to the Providers to medically care for you and your Covered Family Member. You may withdraw this consent at any time by no longer seeking Medical Services from Ortega Wellness You understand and agree that as part of providing Medical Services to you, your Protected Health Information (as defined by HIPAA), including test results, may be released to an online personal health record and via communication with our healthcare team electronically (in accordance with our Notice of Privacy Practices)

Termination of Services

You may terminate services at any time. We may terminate/discharge your use of the medical services at any time in our reasonable discretion, for causes including but not limited illegal conduct such as falsifying information to obtain controlled substances, abusive and threatening behavior, falsifying medical documentation and continued refusal to pay for our services. We may terminate/discharge your services by sending notice to you at the mail or email address you provided to us.

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